Posted by: The Pick Man | July 8, 2013

Blogpix #2: Unexpected

“Photographers deal in things which are continually vanishing.”

Henri Cartier-Bresson


The second in a series in which members of our family submit a picture based on a theme. We each have our own take on life and it is interesting to see what transpires. This time we welcome a new contributor, Noel, my nephew.

The theme this time, chosen by Reuben:



Noel, Norwich, UK

“This is a picture of a gift album from Terry Bickers of the band “House of Love”, for whom I was the backline engineer for their recent U.K. album release tour. It was unexpected, and appreciated.

Guy Chadwick, the other ‘face’ of the band, also unexpectedly cooked me an English breakfast on the day after the tour finished when we were dropping of his amplifiers and guitars etc.

Both unexpected kindnesses are acknowledged here as a way of saying thank you.”


Reuben, Grand Rapids, USA

“No explanation needed.”

(Perhaps this is a breaking of ‘The Curse of the Pick Man’. I was born in 1935, Fred Perry was Wimbledon Champion in 1936 and ever since, no Brit has won what is arguably the world’s greatest tennis tournament.)


Corinne, Durham, UK

“I went to the cupboard to fetch a dustpan & brush and found a cluster of tiny newly hatched spiderlings. Quite unexpected and tooo cute!!”

(For readers across the pond; our five pence coin is about the size of a cent.)


Terry, Poole, UK

“On her 40th birthday Maureen, my wife, was proud to do cartwheels on the lawn. Two and a half years ago she suffered a stroke. Recently, on her 75th birthday, she surprised me by deciding to check whether she can still do a headstand.”




  1. I unexpectedly find myself listening to “Shine On” by House of Love this evening, one of my favorites many years ago, thanks to Noel for the reminder!

  2. Pleasure Reuben, they are a great bunch of guys, the band has had its difficulties although they have managed to sort them out but I think money was probably their motive.

    Neko Case was a much better person to have had the pleasure to have worked for.

    As much as I love all the guys in The House Of Love, band politics dictates to me a reluctance to want to serve them further. I don’t really enjoy walking on eggs.

  3. Unc, you are correct when you say no Briton that has won the Wimbledon tennis final since 1936 unless you consider women as people. In which case there has been four.

  4. Whoops! *cringe* I stand corrected. Thanks for putting me right, Noel.

  5. I loved it that Maureen can still do a headstand, as for the spiders aghhhhh.
    Thanks for all your help in February Terry I appreciate it 😉

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