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The Pick Man

Who am I? You might well ask. It’s something I ask myself regularly as I enter my dotage. I check back here from time to time wondering if anything has changed.

The last time I checked I found that my name is Terry and I live in Poole, Dorset, United Kingdom. I was born in 1935 and have been married to Maureen (Maureen to me, Mo to many of our friends and Titch to her family) since 1962. We have three children.

Now retired, my aim is to learn something new every day. I am a rationalist, a critical thinker and a skeptic (not a cynic, please don’t confuse the terms!). Humour delights me.

I am atheist. I do not ‘believe’ there is no god, that is a position of faith; my position is that I am unable to believe that such a being exists. The universe and the inhabitants of planet Earth inspire my awe. That’s enough for me.

Oh yes, … … I’m vegetarian. I don’t like to eat little pieces of dead animals.

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